We are an emerging representation of interests and associations that bring together African youths who are committed to the development of Africa and rural communities.


The Pan-African YOUth e.V. started out as a Facebook fundraiser that was set up to provide relief for communities affected by the 2016 Haiti hurricanes.

The Pan-African Organization YOUth e.V is an interest group that is made up of associations and committed people. We are committed to the development of Africa and rural communities. After our first contact with Coteux (Haiti), a follow-up dialogue with the Haitian Embassy culminated in the creation of our aid organization. From meeting as strangers in December 2016, the Pan-African YOUth e.V. emerged as a network of close friends. The founders of the Pan-African YOUth e.V. include Brian, Akossiwa, Hella, Christelle, Aderanti, Zefi, Elizabeth, Kalu, and Misael. Starting from Haiti, we believe that we can make a difference in the life of children through educational interventions. Our current membership is at 13. Most of the members are students who contribute time and resources to our projects. In our passion for the children in Haiti, we had to consider what we hold most important.

What We Represent

The Pan-African YOUth e.V. organization is an emerging representation of interests and associations that brings together African youths who are committed to the development of Africa and rural communities. We believe that every child deserves the best childhood and a future filled with opportunities. Our overall objective is to stimulate country-wide development by providing affordable and accessible education to poor and rural communities. We wanted to prove our concept before initiating campaigns about Haiti’s out-of-school children. This led to the decision to build a school financed by members of the Pan-African YOUth e.V. at Coteaux Haiti. The aim of our first project is to provide the children in Haiti a long-term affordable school and education. We realize that a lot of African communities are just like the children at Coteaux Haiti. Parents struggle to cover the cost of education, some girls become child-brides, and the
boys become child-labor on farms and as street traders. We believe in the need to change and transform communities through access to education. By providing under-served communities with education, we ensure the future and sustainability of the target communities.

Meet Our Team

As financiers and enablers, we give the community an opportunity
to own their transformation and create solutions that are adapted to their needs. We are guided by
the philosophy of “Ubuntu” – I am because we are.

Emmanuel O.

Treasurer/Deputy Board Chairman

Emmanuel Ogbeifun decided for a good cause to get involved. He believes that competencies can be trained instrumentally.

Kalu Talani

Chairman of the Board

Kalu Talani came across the term pan-Africanism in his research into African culture and was able to identify with the idea of a unity of all indigenous and diaspora ethnic groups of African descent.

Sagal E.

Social Media Attend

Sagal Elmi learned early on that the general good of the community has the highest priority. Over the years she became aware that a similar worldview prevailed in many African cultures.

Menga L.

Administrative Assistant

Menga was believes that the key to escaping the socially shaped image of the black man is the formation and strengthening of the African identity.