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Letter from the Mayor

Condé Couteaux, Saturday August 26, 2017
Dear members of the Pan-African YOUth e.V.
We are a community that is located in the “première section
communale” (administrative entertainment in Haiti) of the municipality of Coteaux.
We have been robbed of almost all of our living space that is necessary for a human
Before Hurricane Matthew was already vulnerable and now after it has passed we are
much more so.
Our population consists of 2500 inhabitants from 517 families, of which 1713 are
children under the age of 18. They have no access to traditional schools, vocational
schools or an emergency call center, let alone a health center.
Our children are forced to walk at least 3 1/2 hours for both the outward and return
We – the residents of Condé – honor and advocate your initiative to build a school for
us in this community, the following names are “Ecole des Jeunes Panafricains de
Condé”. Remembering our bilateral relationship: It is imperative for our community.
Your support expresses the greatness of the soul of our African ancestors and proves
that we are truly siblings. Furthermore, your philosophy “UBUNTU” ties in with our
motto “L´union fait la force” (French: unity characterizes strength).
On behalf of our “Association des jeunes progressistes pour le développement de
Condé (AJPDC)” (French: Association of Young Progressives for the Development of
Condé) and on behalf of the Condé Community, we would like to welcome the
members of Pan-African YOUth eV .


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