Progress Report from Haiti

Now we have:
In preschool. 1st grade: 20. 6 girls and 14 boys.
and 2nd grade: 12. 4 girls and 8 boys.

And we have a fundamental base grade.7th grade. 10 people. 2 girls and 8 boys.
We have 3 teachers for the 2 preschool grade and 7 teachers for the 7th grade all the
subjects (7).

In French we have:

( Grammar 8 hours a week with 2 hours each) =grammaire,
reading=texte expliqué, stylistic and tongue twister=stylistique et diction, writing and
spelling=Redaction et ortographe).

Other Subjects

  • Mathematics: 5 hours a week. (Algebra (3 hours)=Algèbre and Geometry 2 hours a
  • week)=Geometrie)
  • English: 4 hours a week (Anglais).
  • Creole: 2 hours a week (Créole).
  • Social sciences: 4 hours a week (History=Histoire and Geography=Géographie).
  • Experimental sciences: 4 hours ( Biology=Biologie and Physics= Physique Sciences).
  • Computer skills: 2 hours a week = Informatique.

That mean 29 hours And Sports on week-end up to 3 hours a week.
And for the little kids we start from 7:30 am through 12:30 from Monday-Thursday and
at noon on friday.

Because right now we start with 3 classes in order to start with the basis class to keep
on increasing classes upon the years. Until we touch the final class. And even to set up
a really good professional school.
And we have 7 teachers for the 7th grade for all the subjects. And 1 for the sports.
The children graduate after preschool II to go to the 1rst fundamental grade. and on 6th
fundamental grade ang finally 3 graduations time only used in Haiti.

For the teachers.

Preschool: 3 teachers with $600 ht = $50 us each. That’s mean $1,800 ht=$150 us a
month. And $1,800 us=$ 150 us * 9 : $16,200 us=$ 1,350 us
For the 7th grade we pay by each week is 32 hours so with their collaborations
of the teachers we pay them $30 ht=$2.5 us and for all the 30 hours a week we pay
$960 ht= 80 us. And for the month it’s $3,840 ht=$320 us.
In total we have:
$3,840 ht=$320 us * 9 : $34,560 ht = $2,880 US
And $ 16,200 ht + 34,560 = $1350 us + $2,880 us. Total: $50,760 ht = $ 4230 us for this year for the teachers.
We need the solar system to teach them computer skills and and when we have to do audio session.
And also I’ m planning to buy some little chairs and 4 tables for the kids. So the kids will work better. Especially writing because now we use the catholic church bench to have all the schoolboys and girls writing.

In Haiti we have different levels at school to have the whole system running is different from what we’ve right now.
For example:

  1. we have 3 Kindergarten classes for kids from 2 to 5 years old.
  2. 2 preschool classes for kids from upper age who didn’t attend classes in the beginning of their age (example 5 years old kids)
  3. fundamental classes from 1rst grade to 9th grade.
  4. and the 4 high schools (secondary school) grade.

P.s. kids who go to kindergarten grade don’t need to go to preschool-grade except in missing capabilities at school.
In the past (From the beginning of the school) We ( the staff) cooperate. We use our own money to accomplish some tasks, and to increase the money the parents of the kids pay for the kids to pay teacher. To teach computer skills now we use laptop with good battery borrow from our friends. As I told you, we cooperate.
Still we are looking for patners to help. As you could hear about it, It’s so hard for the kids here to go to school here because they should spend about 5 hours just to go back and forth to school. And also the road is all way long in a river. You can imagine what
could happen when it rains. For the next months/year, we have a place in the field yard where we plan to set the school. It’s a 4 rooms space started to build. We’re gonna try to find partners to help us building the 12 concrete poles and the rooftop with iron sheets. So we could move as soon as possible from the church space to our own local. That could be better even for the kids safety.
We should give the church back to the responsible team in order to rebuild it because it was broken from the hurricane. It’s now a shelter place with lot of imperfection.

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